Ford Wyoming Rules and Regulations

  • Due to social distancing rules, the Ford Wyoming will be operating at half capacity. Only one car is permitted between two speaker poles.

  • Drive-In Speakers are currently NOT available for use. Only radio sound is used in each the- atre. In the event your car radio is unavailable, please bring a portable radio.

  • Please bring your own face mask. Face masks are required for entering the concession stand or restrooms.

  • The concession stand will be open. At this time, we are offering a limited menu of items. A limited number of people will be permitted in the concession stand at any one time. Only one member of your group will be allowed in the concession stand at one time. Please wear a mask and practice 6-feet social distancing while in or around the concession stand.

  • No grills or barbecues of any kind are permitted. Outside food is allowed, but heated cooking elements are prohibited.

  • Restrooms will have every other stall/urinal/sink open. Restroom attendants will be on sight to sanitize and ensure a limited number of patrons are in the restrooms at one time. Also, a limited number of porta johns are available. Please wear a mask and practice social distanc- ing while using the restrooms.

  • When sitting outside of your vehicle, you must sit directly in front of the vehicle. You should not be more than 3-feet away from your vehicle. Sitting in your pick-up bed is also allowed. On vehicles with a rear hatch, the hatch must be level with the roof of your vehicle so as not to block the view of the vehicle behind you.

  • The use of drones for any purpose is prohibited (unless written permission from the owner is received in advance).

  • Please practice 6-feet social distancing at all times while attending the Ford Wyoming Drive– In.

Anyone who violates any of the above rules will be asked to leave with no admission refund.