Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How can I purchase tickets?

A: We offer tickets both in-person and online. Online tickets are available weekly. We accept cash, credit card, and Apple pay at the box office.


Q: How many tickets do I need to buy?

A: We charge tickets per vehicle. You only need one ticket per one vehicle regardless of the number of occupants.


Q: I am the only person in my vehicle. Is there a discount for a single occupant vehicle?

A: We understand that the per vehicle pricing is inconvenient for our guests who choose to come alone. We offer concession stand vouchers valued at $11 to all of our single occupant vehicles.


Q: I purchased my ticket online. Do I still have to wait in line at the box office?

A: Yes, our box office staff needs to see your ticket and scan the barcode for our system. We always recommend arriving at least 20-30 minutes prior to your showtime to allow time to enter, park, visit our concession stand, and settle in for your movie.


Q: Do I have to arrive before the first showtime?

A: No, you can arrive anytime between the box office open and close. Parking is first come first serve, and arriving late to your movie can result in fewer parking options.


Q: When do you close each night?  Do you close for the winter?

A: Our exact closing time changes weekly as it depends on the movies currently playing. The box office always remains open until the last showtime of the night begins. We remain open all year round: 7 days a week from spring through fall and weekends only in winter.


Q: When do you post new movie schedules?

A: We confirm our movies and showtimes weekly, and we strive to have the next schedule posted by each Tuesday afternoon.


Q: I want to watch two movies that are not paired together. Can I switch theaters to watch the two movies I want?

A: Tickets are sold for each specific theater. Because we must accurately report grosses for each movie selection, we cannot allow switching theaters without a ticket for that specific theater.


Q: Can I bring my own food and beverage?

A: Yes! We allow all guests to bring their own food or beverage. We also offer a full-service concession stand that remains open until the last showtimes of each night.


Q: Can I bring my pet with me?

A: Yes! We are a pet-friendly venue. We just ask that any pets outside the vehicle are kept on a leash and are appropriately cleaned up after.


Q: How do I seek a refund?

A: In general, we do not offer refunds on tickets. If you purchased online tickets and encounter an obstacle to attending your movie, we will honor your ticket at a later date. If you feel that you are entitled to a refund, you may talk to a manager at the box office. Refunds are never processed through email or phone.